May the Greatest Blessings of Hope be ours,

Was listening to a man well known for writing songs saying, “I don't believe in the Bible, I don't believe in Jesus (Yeshua), I don't believe in Hitler, I don't believe in the Beatles, I believe in my wife and me and that is my Hope.  As we can see, such belief comes to an end with no Hope.
Let us place our Hope in the God of the Universe that has come to freely give SALVATION to all that believe upon HIM.
We don't need Hope for a time, we need endless Hope.


… M De Lorenzis, M Paynter CCLI Song #: 7170364 Copyrights: 2020 Gateway youth (Admin by Gateway Church (Aus) Ltd) ENDLESS HOPE Best/De …

INCOMING SALVO… THE LIVING WORD coming later today…17 JAN.  A.D. 2022
Counting it all joy WHEN HE GIVES US ENDLESS HOPE,

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