Blessings to those being REFRESHED,

As a child I attended several Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) in the summers at Nemaha.
The pastor and the adults running those classes and the outside games were really cool to me.  I especially liked the team tag and other games and the Kool-aid and cookies that were served by the sidewalk in the open lawn just south of the church.
Later we would make banners that said, “Love One Another” and as far as I could tell the people there at VBS really did love one another.
The Banner hung in our home for many years after that.


I am the LORD. … This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. … This is My command to you: Love one another. … Be devoted to one …


Lyric video for 'Good Soil', an original song from Building Bricks … grace Following each word You say to me You'll give me all I need!

If Loving One Another is drinking the Kool-Aid, I just want to share more.

INCOMING SALVO… THE GOOD SOIL…10 JUNE A.D. 2022                    …        Counting it all joy IN YESHUA (JESUS) WHO CHANGES THE CONDITION OF OUR HEARTS ,

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